Ptosis - Drooping Eyelids

Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid droops down over the eye, either limiting the field of vision or producing an uneven or tired appearance.  Ptosis can be caused by a stretching or tearing away of the levator muscle from the eyelid.  It can affect one or both eyes.  This condition is usually treated with surgery, which can both improve vision as well as appearance.

Ptosis repair may be covered by insurance depending on the amount of vision which is impaired.  A visual field test that takes approximately 30 minutes is done in the office to help determine if the procedure is deemed "medically necessary" and therefore covered by insurance.  The surgery is performed at an out-patient facility close to the Victor Eyecare office.   Dr. Victor also performs cosmetic surgery that is not covered by insurance.  

Dr. Victor is involved with each patient every step of the process - from the initial examination and pre-surgical history and physical, to the surgery and suture removal.   This ensures the patient has ample opportunity to get to know Dr. Victor and ask as many questions as they may have.  

The following are photos of actual patients before and approximately 4 months after their surgery performed by Dr. Victor.  Notice that some patients had ptosis repair performed on only one eye, while others had it performed on both eyes.

Trust your eyes to a fellowship trained, board certified eyelid plastic surgeon, who has performed thousands of ptosis repair surgeries.

            BEFORE                                 AFTER

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